Other Japanese used pianos without Yamaha & Kawai

There were many brand pianos in Japan. Most of all are manufactured about 1980. The price of these miner brand pianos are comparatively cheap at presence but the good quality miner brand pianos are not a few.

Japanese Piano Maker and Brand

Toyo Piano
(Apollo, Ballindamm(OEM), Fritz Kuhla(OEM), Elsner(OEM), Laurie(OEM), Aizenaha(OEM), Yaesu(OEM)
Atlas Piano(Atlas, Meister(OEM), Royal, Brother(OEM), Nobel, Kreuizbach, Adelstein, Morgenstein,)
Taisei Piano(Gors Kallman, Bernstein, Kraus, Dresden, Rolex) No longer in business.
Higasinihon Piano(Barock, Gershwin, Friedrich, Kriebel, Jacson & Sons, Westminister, Rolex)
No longer in business

Flora Piano(Flora, Earl Windsor(OEM), Victor(OEM), Emerson) No longer in business
Tokai Piano(Tokai, Gold Star) No longer in business
Kawai Gakki(Kawai, Emperor(OEM), Diapason, Marchen, Boston)
Schweizerstein Piano(Schweizerstein)
Schwester Piano(Schwester, Primatone)
Yamaha(Yamaha, Kaiser, Eterna, Miki(OEM)
Pruthner Piano(Pruthner, Carlzeiler, Loris & Sons)
Wistaria Piano(Wistaria, Claire)
Kreutzer Piano
Tonica Piano(Tonica, Klingel, Forest) No longer in business
Fukuyama Piano(Fukuyama, Alexander Herrmann, Lazar, P. Werce, Wilhelm)No longer in business
Lester Piano
(Lester, Schnabel) No longer in business
Steinrich Piano(Steinrich)
Rubinstein Piano(Rubinstein) No longer inbusiness
Ono Piano(Horugel) No longer in business
Tokyo Piano Industry(Eastein) No longer in business
Heiwa Gakki(Steinbach) No longer in business

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